I have such a huge desire to teach and encourage photographers who want to grow their business and their craft, and to become the best they can be.

We all start somewhere, we all learn new things as we go, we all have the desire to accomplish more, push the limits, and succeed. Once of the best ways to accomplish true growth in this industry is to seek knowledge, guidance, and wisdom from others who have gone before you + truly dive in to what has helped them along the way. 

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I believe that there is no “correct” or “incorrect” way to run a photography business, but I do believe that there are tools, tricks, and techniques that can help you build a wildly successful business! After several years of investing, learning, growing, humbling myself, challenging myself, and perfecting my craft, I believe that I have gained some very useful insight that is extremely valuable to those looking to move forward and challenge themselves in their business.

fact of the matter is

My goal through these mentor sessions is to get to know YOU, your business, the dreams you have for your work, and to help encourage you towards accomplishing those dreams.

 Along the way, I’ll provide you with experienced counsel and encouragement that will be tailored to your business. While we chat, I will do whatever I can to impart wisdom that will actually work for your business goals… not just give you cheap tips that remain surface level. Every business is unique, so things will work differently for different people. I will cater the conversations, shoots we plan, things we dive into, to your individuality and truly help nurture your growth as a successful photographer!

mentorship options

idaho Mentorship Options

Hour & A Half of Education / Q+A, A Styled Session, And An Hour Of Backing Up + Editing... $2200

2 Hours Of Education / Q+A... $1000

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Out-of-State Mentorship Options

ALL INCLUSIVE // includes my travel, 2 hours of education / q+a, a styles session, and an hour and a half of backing up + editing... $3,500

A 2 hour face time call full of education / q+a... $800

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Katie Boucek

"Emily was the only photographer I even considered when I decided to invest in my education as a photographer and book a mentor shoot. The entire process was seamless with her - she’s just as genuine, passionate, and knowledgeable as she seems on social media, and even more than that, she’s genuinely FOR the success of other creatives - so incredibly refreshing when so many are gatekeepers of their creative process and business strategy. Emily truly listened to the goals I had for my business, and met me where I was in my skill set - sharing things with me along the way that were pivotal in my style developing in the way I wanted it to! I can now give my clients the experience I’ve always hoped to be able to provide, and Emily played such a big part in helping me along. Best business investment ever, and I walked away from the experience with a life long friend! I couldn’t recommend her enough if I tried. Book her, invest in yourself and your business, and thank me later."

"emily has played such a big part in my business growth"