I was born and raised in Georgia, but often wonder if I was born on the wrong side of the country. I have always had a huge love for everything that is adventure, mountains, the cold, and everything that is NOT the south! After years of feeling like we had grown out of Georgia, my husband and I decided to take the leap of faith and move to Idaho and give into this dream of living close to everything we love - Idaho and the PNW now absolutely have my heart! I am such a homebody and getting to settle into this new life has brought me so much joy, but I also have a huge love and longing for travel, exploring, and adventuring in new places all over the US + the world! Over the course of the past several years as a wedding + elopement photographer, I’ve had the unique opportunity to photograph couples in almost have of the 50 states and multiple countries around the world … but I’m not done yet! I have a dream to photograph a wedding or elopement in every single state in the USA and explore so many more countries



luxury idaho and destination wedding photographer 

 based out of boise, idaho / the pnw

Documenting emotions that are raw, organic, and heartfelt! 
I have been doing photography for around 7 years now, and over the years I have tried a million different ways of approaching photography, but I am always coming back to this : these photos are not meant to be staged poses, stiff moments, or inorganic emotions! Instead, these photos are meant to be a true representation of the love story within them. I used to try and pose or frame photos perfectly, but in doing this, I was taking out the natural moments that could have transpired while I was too busy trying to make it “look perfect”. Photos are meant to be wild, fun, free, and “imperfect”, because that is what makes a photo a perfect representation of each unique couple within it!

my approach






my love story

From being best friends for a year in high-school, him teaching me how to use a camera, to not speaking for three years, being reconnected and him pouring his heart out to me at 4am in my front yard one night, to now living our dream adventure in Idaho with Annie, our precious golden retriever puppy! He is the very best and my number one supporter. Without him by my side, I truly don’t know where I would be today… so, you guys all have him to thank for helping me find this calling of mine!!

I am married to the absolute love of my life who truly is the largest reason why I am where I am today. Conner and I met years ago and our story is a bit of a wild one, but the lord brought us together so perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a more precious love story.