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The editing workflow guide

As photographers, there are so many aspects to our job that can become overwhelming. The goal of this guide is to help you gain organization, systems, and find new beauty in those tasks that will replace those feelings of overwhelmingness. 


Organization + Systems + Beauty

After 3 years of super unhealthy habits, no organization, and spending 2 years currating an amazing system to help me redefine my workflow, I have created this guide to ensure that no one else has to feel the way I did. My hope is that you will finish reading through all of this information and feel inspired, encouraged, and ready to conquer the work with a brand new mindset!

I hope this guide can help you "move forward in your work with a new mindset, a new system, more organization, and the desire to create breathtakingly beautiful art for the people who value you!"

Wishing you the very best of luck as you conquer work with a brand new mindset!

What can i expect to learn from this guide?

"I know that for most of us, the "post-session" process can be our least favorite part of the job and all of the creativity we had during our session gets squashed by the overwhelming nature of the work that is sitting in front of us. That is exactly why I have created this guide - to help reenergize your soul and make you excited again for the uploading, editing, curating, and delivery process! It might not be the most fun part of your job, but my goal is to help make it a more enjoyable part of your job!" - The Editing Workflow Guide

What tangibles will i receive when i purchase?

When you purchase The Editing Workflow Guide, you will receive the guide through a download link that will have the guide in PDF format. 

who is this guide for?

This guide is for any photographers feeling overwhelmed with the "post-production" side of their business and want to get more organized, create a better system for themselves, and find the beauty in the mundane tasks that come with editing.