My name is Emily and I am a traveling wedding + elopement photographer based out of Boise, Idaho / the PNW

I grew up in Georgia my entire life, but often wonder if I was actually meant to have grown up somewhere on the west coast because of my intense love for everything Pacific Northwest. So, this summer, my husband and I are officially moving to IDAHO and I will officially be able to call the PNW my home! Though the PNW has my heart, I have a genuine love for travel and exploring new places all over the US + the world! Over the course of the past several years as a wedding + elopement photographer, I’ve had the unique opportunity to photograph couples in 20 different states… but I’m not done yet! I have a dream to photograph a wedding or elopement in every single state in the USA.

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my journey into photography started a little something like this...

After graduating high school, just like any other young adult, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life; I only knew that I wanted to chase that dreamy adventurous fire in my chest, and I knew I wanted to serve people. In search of my calling, I took some time to really delve deep into myself, and invested my time and resources to travel and learning more about myself

Something eventually became very clear to me in my travels and in my personal life: camera went with me everywhere I did! Since that realization, I have spent thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars, and millions of moments in between learning my craft, and investing in my career in photography. It’s my full-time obsession to capture madly in-love couples, and help bring wedding & elopement dreams to life in stunning spots all over the world! 

Here's a peek into my love story

I am married to the absolute love of my life who truly is the largest reason why I am where I am today. Conner and I met years ago and our story is a bit of a wild one, but the lord brought us together so perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a more precious love story. From being best friends for a year in high-school, to him teaching me how to even use a camera, to not speaking for three years, to being reconnected and him pouring his heart out to me at 4am in my front yard one night, to now owning the cutest little home + being newly married. He is the very best and my number one supporter. So, you guys all have him to thank for helping me find this calling of mine!! 

my other loves



I am married to the most amazing man who actually brought me into photography over 7 years ago

traveling with my husband + watching airplanes takeoff and land at the airport

i am an iced coffee addict … though I am branching out and trying matcha and chai for a diversity 

i have a huge love for plants, but am still learning how to be a good plant mom and keep all my chillling alive

New Girl + The Great British Baking Championship are my go to shows 

i love Jesus and my church

thrifting brings me SO much joy 

i secretly LOVE to paint 

What being YOUR photographer means to me

I became a photographer for so much more than taking pretty photos - I wanted to be able to capture one of the biggest days in a couples lives and provide frozen memories for them to have + to cherish for the rest of their lives. Even more than that, I desire so deeply to be more than just the photographer that shows up - I want to be your friend, biggest cheerleader, encourager, and sounding board as you walk through this season of planning + waiting!